MA LOGISTICS, S.L., a specialized logistics operator in vehicle transport throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, has as its fundamental objective to provide customers with a service that meets their demands, providing real solutions to specific problems, and complying with current legislation. To reinforce the commitment to quality, the Organization has a Quality Management System, in accordance with the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.

Quality is a commitment of the company and an individual responsibility of each member of the collective, which must be reflected in concrete actions that internally and externally reflect an image of MA LOGISTICS, S.L. that identifies with the professionalism and quality of service to our customers.

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we will apply and direct our system to achieve the following objectives:

  • Constantly monitor that we always respond to the demands and expectations of customers.
  • Commitment to compliance with all regulations and laws that apply to us, as well as regulations of those organizations and/or groups of which they are part.
  • Provide adequate means so that all personnel can freely identify and eliminate obstacles that prevent improving quality in their workplace to achieve continuous improvement.
  • Consider continuous improvement as a permanent objective that increases the perceived quality by our customers.
  • Correct non-conformities that occur, but with measures in place to prevent repetition.
  • Consider the execution of service deadlines, punctuality, and maintaining trust between our customers and suppliers as key points in the daily management of the company.
  • Foster a participatory environment among employees, integrating them into the common objective and improving communications that facilitate teamwork, individual recognition, and suggestions for improvement.

This Quality policy is communicated to all employees of the company by displaying it in the company’s facilities and is publicly available, accessible to anyone outside the company who so desires.

Annually and coinciding with the review by the company’s management, this policy is reviewed to see if it is necessary to add or modify any point for a change in the company’s operating mode, allowing it to be at all times suitable for the functioning of the company.